WA: Youth Canoe Day

WA: Youth Canoe Day

The WA Youth came together on Sunday, 26th of March to enjoy a day of canoeing at Lake Leschenaultia, east of Perth.

The day was cold and windy. While a small part of us took some cover under a picnic table shelter, the rest of the youth actually went out canoeing with enthusiasm—and even went swimming in the frigid waters. Those who were looking on only became colder with the sight.

Despite the chilly weather, old and young enjoyed themselves, and it was nice to strengthen friendships by spending time together as a group.

When the water and wind became too cold, even for the active ones, we changed tack and had some games on the green. Overall, it was a lovely day.

We thank the Lord for the blessings of Christian friendship and wholesome recreation. We’re all looking forward to having more regular social times together.