Identity Crisis Seminar

Identity Crisis Seminar

On August Friday 11 – Sunday 13, 2017, the New South Wales Missionary Department held a Seminar at Schofields Church, with the theme “Identity Crisis”, designed to reach all ages, particularly young people both in and outside the church.

Next to God I would like to extend a great big thank-you to all concerned in helping to promote the event to make it a success:

  • To our church member’s for your wonderful effort in distributing flyers to letterboxes in the local area.
  • To Gerson and Daniela for your help in advertising via social media.
  • To Focus for your song item, “Ancient Words”.
  • To all the speakers for your time and effort in presenting your designated topics.

The topics covered were:

Friday EveningHeritage Genesis 1:26

Sabbath Divine Service – “Imago Dei” (Origin – Where Did I Come From?) Genesis 1:27

Sabbath Afternoon Program – “Is That All There Is?” (Purpose – What Am I Doing?) Genesis 1:28

Sunday Afternoon Program – “Before and After the Fall” (Identity – Who Am I?) Genesis 3:7

Sunday Afternoon Program – “Then What?” (Destiny – Where Am I Going?) Genesis 3:16, 17

The seminar presented that in order to understand the four topics of Origin, Identity, Purpose and Destiny it is foundational to recognize they all proceed from knowing our Heritage, which comes from God, and that Heritage can be lost in a generation. (See Judges 2:10).

Considering the attendance comprised only local church membership in view of our outreach efforts, all in all the entire seminar proved a blessing, with a positive feedback, particularly on Sunday the last day where God’s presence was felt in a marked manner.  We concluded our seminar in fellowship with a combined evening meal.