AUC Strategic Plan for 2012-2014

AUC Strategic Plan for 2012-2014

On the 8th – 9th July, 2012, the Executive Committee in conjunction with Departmental Leaders confirmed an Australasian Union Conference Strategic Plan for the next two years.  All present at the meeting recognised that our great need as a people is entire consecration to Christ and His cause. More importantly, all believe that to encourage consecration in all our Fields and Conferences requires a concerted effort from workers, ministers and lay members. Solid steps must be taken by all of us if we are to accomplish our calling. The first step in this direction was taken with the approval of a strategic plan. We place it before all that we may encourage all to cooperate with us in the execution o f the objectives agreed upon.

Highlights from the plan include declaring July 2012 – June 2013 “The Year of Revival and Reformation”. July 2013 – June 2014 will be “The Year of Evangelism”.  A Vision, Mission and Values statement was also agreed upon, and is included here:


To be a Union of Conferences, Fields and Missions, united together from every place and people in Australasia, that is an active living missionary agency, whose members are settled in the present truth both intellectually and spiritually, prepared for the seal of God and the second coming of Jesus Christ.


To proclaim through the spoken word, written word, personal ministry and every other conceivable means the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ as expressed in the Old and New Testament and the Spirit of Prophecy throughout the territory of the Australasian Union Conference.


In carrying out our mission we are committed to upholding the highest Christian principles and values, and in doing so we will:

1. Encourage every church member to place themselves in a position where they can be used by the Holy Spirit in soul winning (RH Mar 22, 1898)

2. Teach every church member to bear responsibility for and be active in the work of soul winning (YI, November 7, 1895)

3. Employ the piety—the heart and hand—of the whole church to accomplish the work (RH Aug 13, 1899)

4. Teach every church member, both young and old, how to labour effectively in the work of winning souls to Christ (RH Mar 22, 1898; Ev 354)

5. Provide faithful pastors and workers for each mission and field (CG 550)

6. Recognise that the law of God is higher than any earthly laws (CET 208)

7. Recognise that Jesus Christ—His truth, His teachings and His example—is the foundation that we are to build upon (14MR,150)

8. Represent as closely as possible the heavenly world in all that we do (CET 208)

9. Carefully maintain the spiritual character of Christ’s church; not opening the door of the church to worldliness; encouraging the entire consecration of each member to Christ (TDG 269; RH, August 23, 1892)

10. Accomplish our plans as a well-organised body (1888 materials, 1723; TM 26-29)


We recognize that the desire for a successful and spiritually prosperous Australasian Union Conference is shared by a number of Interest Holders. These include:

1. God

2. Member Conferences and Fields

3. Employees

4. The General Conference Administration

5. The Community at Large

Impact of AUC activities and programs upon interest holder needs should be considered in all our plans. God is our primary Key Interest Holder. His Will and Interests is to be kept at the forefront of all that we undertake as a Union.

Key Interest Holders, in particular those itemized from 2 through to 5 above, need to be informed of our activities, particularly in those areas which directly affect their interests. We recognize that communication with interest holders is vital to the successful implementation of our plans. Input from interest holders is to be sought and valued in formulating our plans.


Part A – To promote genuine revival within our membership

Aim 1: To re-establish the membership in the present truth of 1888 ‘Christ our Righteousness’.

Aim 2 : To encourage the members of all of our churches to make a full and entire consecration to Christ and His cause.

Aim 3 : To re-establish the membership in our faith, teaching and calling as the Seventh Day Adventist Reform Movement under the Present Truth. (2 Peter 1:12)

Part B – To promote new growth within our membership

Aim 4: Turn the focus from within to without in the desire of securing living churches where all members are engaged in active work for others

Aim 5: To increase the sales and distribution of literature and multimedia throughout each field for missionary purposes.


Please contatact the AUC Secretary (email: or your local Minister or Bible Worker for a list of the specific Objectives agreed upon by the AUC Executive and Departmental Leaders for 2012-2014.

We ask for all to pray that the Lord will bless our plans and efforts over the next two years as we seek for a genuine revival and reformation within the Australasian Union Conference.